Lord, liar, or lunatic?


With the many outlandish, and controversial claims that Jesus of Nazareth made about Himself, which also lead to His death, He must fall into one of these three categories.

 Option 1) Lord: Jesus was who He claimed to be, that is, the Christ, the only begotten Son of God. The spotless lamb who was sent to take away the sins of the world. Who had the authority to forgive sins. The only way to the Father. He & the Father were one.

 Option 2) Liar: Jesus was not who He claimed to be and knew that He wasn’t. This would make him a liar, a charlatan, a counterfeit who deceived many into abandoning their lives, and following Him. He also taught these followers to instruct others in the same teachings. Many of these followers were martyred for these beliefs. Therefore He could not simply could not have been a good moral teacher.

 Option 3) Lunatic: Jesus was not who He claimed to be, but didn’t know that He wasn’t. This would make Him a lunatic, a madman who actually believed all these outrageous qualities about Himself were true.

One thought on “Lord, liar, or lunatic?

  1. Option 2: A Liar, makes the least sense to me for the simple reason of motive- What did He stand to gain from these wild claims?

    He didn’t live as royalty, He served others such as washing their feet, they tried to make Him king by force but He withdrew Himself (John 6:15)
    The only possessions He owned were the clothes He wore, & ultimately He was sentenced to Death because of His claims. Hmmm…

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